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How are you on your Reindeer?  Most people think there are eight.  And, of course, with Rudolph, well, that would make nine.  We’re here to show to you there are actually eleven.  There’s…

1. Dasher, who got his nickname because of the high speeds he attains on his space-age roller blades.  He particularly comes in handy for Santa when the need those quick take-offs.  Dasher is great at starts and at going fast, but…can’t stop.  NOTICE…no brakes.

2. Dancer, who has been a problem reindeer ever since her fist ballet class.  Since then, she has been inspired to join the Moscow ballet.  Now every Christmas when Santa flies over Moscow it is all he can do to control her.  She’s either dreaming of her debut of she is scheming on how she’ll one day escape to join up.

3. Prancer, who is quite the lady…not much more to say; she’s class, she’s style, grace and charm.  She’s who Santa turns to for answers to questions about etiquette.

4. Vixen, who is the Master of Discipline for the group.  Check out those boots – hours went into that shine.  He is the fellow Santa calls upon to keep the others physically fit and to ensure the reindeer train in the off-season.  A precision turn for 10 reindeer at high speeds is no easy job!

5. Comet.  You might wonder – why the slippers?  He flies like…well, a comet.  He’s the “work horse” of the group.  His hooves heat up so bad, a pair of soft slippers after a cold foot bath is the only relief he gets.

6. Cupid, who is the matchmaker at the North Pole.  Wearing no shoes, she is able to sneak about delivering romantic messages without raising any suspicion.

7. Donner, who is an avid Country-Western fan.  He looks off at the frozen lands surrounding the North Pole and dreams of the open range.  Recently, he has been able to organize weekly line-dancing classes, and in the fall he plans a rodeo.  He even talked Santa into getting a cowboy hat and boots.  Hee Haw!

8. Blitzen.  Well, every group seems to have someone who is not quite as hard working as the rest – that would be Blitzen.  He is perfectly happy just “loafing” around the North Pole; hence, the loafers.  He doesn’t play in any reindeer games either.  Not because he’s not invited…he’s just not interested.

9. Rudolph, who didn’t get to play in any reindeer games…cause he nose was so bright.  Well, we think he was pretty bright too.  That’s why he chose snow boots to keep his little hooves warm…bright fella.

10. Olive, “the other reindeer”.  Well, he just had to choose tennis shoes.  They allow him to outmaneuver Rudolph, who is always trying to catch Olive…for laughing and calling him names…and for not including him in other reindeer games.

11. Glee.  Glee?  Just as it was discovered about Olive, so it seems that Glee is the other overlooked reindeer.  Remember the song: “they all shouted out with Glee”?  Glee is the cheerleader of the herd in her beautiful saddle oxfords.

Be sure not to miss the Sleigh, Toys, Elf, and, of course, Santa, the guy who brought this whole group together.

May ever day be Christmas in your heart!