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Meet the Moose w/ Shoose Family! And what a family it is!


The Moose w/ Shoosh (Eli)

Eli, the Moose w/ Shoosh, is the first member of the Moose family. She first came to life in 1997, and was originally created as a Christmas ornament for a friend of the artist's restaurant, the Moose's Tooth - hence the gold tooth. One of the first Eli's cast (produced) was given as a present to the parents of the artist's Swedish exchange student. The father, who spoke very little English, held the Moose up and said,“älg“ (Swedish for Moose), which sounded like "Eli". So, that's what her name became. But to the rest of the Moose family, she's just Mama, and, to the most of us, she's the Moose w/ Shoose.


The Mooth w/ Tooth (Elliot) was bound to happen. The Moose w/ Shoose, Eli, has had a baby...and a beautiful baby it is. His name? Elliot. He likes to think of himself as the Lil' Mooth w/ Thooth. You see, S's are particularly hard for him to say, because, as with many toddlers, he too has lost a front tooth. And, since Elliot wants to be just like mom, the first “Moose w/ Shoose”, he wants to call himself the same thing, but it comes out like Mooth w/ Thooth!


The Moose w/ Nuk (Eliweez)

The Moose w/ Shoose, Eli, has ANOTHER baby….it’s a GIRL. Elliot, her older bother, is ever so happy to have a companion around – he didn’t expect a girl…but she IS so cute. Her name is Eliweez, but the family just calls her “baby”. While she waits for her teeth to come in, like the rest of her family, she is happy or “pacify” herself with her trusty nuk (there’s times we all need one of these, isn’t there?).


Papa Moose w/ Shoosh

Moose w/ Shoosh all started with Eli, and, if you have been following the saga, she was followed by her toddler, Elliot, the Mooth w/ Tooth. Elliot, in turn, was followed by the “baby”, liitle Eliweez, the Moose w/ Nuk. This begs the question: Where’s Dad? Here he is, never too late…Papa Moose w/ Shoose has arrived. His working man (uh, moose) demeanor is demonstrated by his work boots; his “over 40ness” by his glasses; and his attention to dental correctness by his braces. He is a proud dad…proud of his own little herd, as you can see.


The Moose w/ Swoosh (Eliza)

The Moose w/ Shoosh family would not be complete without a teenager to keep everyone on their toes (er…hoofs). It’s no different with this family. Eliza, the Moose w/ Swoosh, is like most teenagers: always trying something new. As you might imagine, rollerblades are something new for any moose. Eliza is a good kid, however – notice she is sure to wear the proper safety equipment. She might of thought of a mouthpiece, however, to protect her “pearly whites”. She’s the only member of this family who isn’t wearing braces or gaps, or missing teeth (so far). We’re sure it’s just a matter of time…