Ashley Bennett-Stoddard’s handcrafted pendants reflect her strong heritage in a variety of art forms and mediums. She is the daughter of the late, world-renowned sculptor Bob Bennett.  Growing up in the Placerville home of her father, Ashley was exposed to art throughout her childhood. While at home, she apprenticed for her father, learning all aspects of sculpting, from initial design and modeling all the way through the casting process. After high school, she attended Tbe Academy of Art in San Francisco, further refining her sculpting skills while also developing a passion for painting. Ashley’s pendants are handmade “mini sculptures” that reflect her artistic lineiage and the continuing evolution of her craft. Each and every one of her pendants are are based on concepts that have significant meaning to Ashley, whether it be her commitment to a non-profit cause, raising awareness of a social issue, fostering personal growth and fulfillment, or reflecting on the beauty of nature and our planet. Ashley is also an accomplished painter, and her work can be found in public and private collections around the world.

“I am inspired by God, nature, community, and philanthropy. It is an amazing feeling to see people wearing my creations and making them their own. I feel blessed everyday to be able to create and do what I love. “ - Ashley Bennett-Stoddard